Five characters from different points in time meet in a house created on a single stage. Among them: one from Palestine of 1948, one from Israel of 2001, and a German archaeologist who wants to conduct a dig in the house’s foundations. Despite their differing cultural backgrounds, they relate and interact as members of an abstract nuclear family, brought together by the house.
The show, that integrates live performance and video, fluctuates along the space-time continuum. It juxtaposes historical spheres to create a dialogue between past and present, public and personal.

Created by: Sharon Paz
Co-creators: Anat Eizenberg, Juergen Salzmann, Benjamin Jegendorf, Rabah Morkus, Ashraf Farah
Lighting: Uri Rubenstein
Music: Galhed Tidhar
Producer: Hen Oshri
Set construction: Eyal Edelman

Knights’ Hall “D”
Approx. one hour

Produced in cooperation with the Goethe Institute. Supported by the “Matan” Center for Experimental Theatre and the “Pais” National Lottery’s Council for the Arts. Project developed through “Nisui Kelim,” “Bikuray ha-‘Itim” Center, Tel Aviv.

Ticket Price: 75 NIS