The Thirtieth Century


A theatrical performance of David Avidan’s poetry

On May 11, 1995, the ambassador of the coming millennium to the kingdom of the here-and-now ended his term of office. Searches conducted in the ambassador’s residence at No. 11 Shimshon St., Tel Aviv, failed to discover a portal for transmitting broadcasts to the planet Avidanko. A small quantity of his writings remain in public libraries and on curriculum lists, catalogued by a sorry mistake as part of the “Generation-of- the-State” poetry.

The three actors are obligated not to stage a poetry reading, nor to present the biography nor play the role of Avidan. They also promise that every word they utter comes from his writing.

"At the end of the journey, perhaps you’ll feel that you know more about words than you’d known before. Words know much more about you than you know, or will ever know about them."
(David Avidan)

Adapted and directed by: Ari Remez
Set design: Niv Manor
Costume design: Nirith Ben-Horin
Music: Ran Bagno
Lighting design: Jake Sliv
Movement consultant: Galia Fradkin
Cast: Iyar Wolfe, Orit Zafran, Zeev Shimshoni
Narrator: Yoav Yefet
Producer: Gilad Barnea
Assistant director: Anna Baniel
Assistant producer: Lilia Schwartzbard
Lighting operator: Amihai Elharar
Sound operator: Liad Zehavi
Legal advisor: Adv. Michael Sepharad

Thanks to: Tar Avidan, Ziporen Lotem, Adv. Nili Verker, Sigal Visbein-Rozman, Itzik Weingarten, Rochale Kimchi, The Theatre Arts School of the Kibbutz Seminary College, Eran Litvin, Ram Cohen and Ruth Lerman of Tel Aviv’s “Ironi Alef” City High School for the Arts, Erez Hasson, Moti Amar, Roman Vater, Rafi Ovadia, Juan Cohen, Eran Atzmon, Miri Gilad.

The White Hall
Approx. fifty min.

Ticket Price: 75 NIS