Until we find a place

Festival plays >  Until we find a place Duration: about 50 minutes Diwan Hall
Until we find a place

You miss something. You are hurting. You want…desire, are disappointed, angry; satisfied, laughing. Once again, you lack something, you are hurting again, and again we circle all day long till we find…
Four women and many faces
Inside and out
Wishing to live within and beyond time.

A vivid and lively theatre with movement and music accompaniment.


Director: Einat Kirshner – Goldberg

Actresses creators and writers: Shira cahane, Liat Leibovitch, Zehavit Keren, Tamar Pugatch

Musician: Meital Bracha Karni

Producer: Naftali Leibovitch

Producer: Liat Leibovitch

Photographer: Sarah Dayan

Assistant photographer: Miriam Dayan

Lighting and Sound: Imri Keren