Material for Conversation

Festival plays >  Material for Conversation Duration: about 50 minutes The Red Hall
Material for Conversation

I, like all children, grew up on Red Riding Hood, but fear was only instilled in me – don't walk alone; and my parents, like all parents, each evening at night fall repeatedly sought to accompany me, to make sure – child, do not walk alone. Care and education are important to them, and therefore I will constantly wonder – why fathers do not tell their sons: "Don't be a wolf".

Two women leading a professor addicted to sex in a journey of atonement along various time stations of his life via his interface points with women, his relations with them and the way he grasps reality.

*** In this play, use is made of true testimonies of sexual harassment complaints, exploitation of authority and rape, and Court records.

"Three Points" ensemble

The ensemble "Three Points" creates an encounter between two actresses and one actor, each from different background, culture and age. One is a religious actress examining her boundaries, the other, Russian born, comes from the field of dance, and the third is a veteran actor of oriental origin. Three separate points meeting on one state and coping with a stereotyped world filled with tags.


Creating actors: Moti Tamam, Thiya Suliman and Maria Rozenfeld

Guest actor: Ehab Khaskiya

Artistic accompaniment: Osnat Schnek-Yosef

Musical arrangement: Yuval Luzon

Lighting: Ihab Khaskiya

Costumes: Hodaya Segal