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Matara municipality theatre (Ariel)

By Dr. Leon Agolenski

Where is love?

The tragic story of a man who is unable to find love with women.

In his life, he undergoes a search journey trying to find love with men and women and what lies between them.

A chance encounter with a man leads him to perform a sex change surgery.

Will this act bring peace to his soul? Is it possible to dance Tango in two direction? Will his path lead to love….


Direction: Alexander Kaplan

Actors: Lalenia Nesterov, Rafael Haugas, Nikolai Mikitin

Sound and lighting: Max Chernoglaz

Costumes: Yelena Weksler

Setting: Yossi Kovarsky, Alexander Vasiliev

Multimedia, Videoart: Genndy Yusim

Acknowledgement: Ariel municipality and the Mayor Mr. Eliyahu Shviro, Ariel Economic Co. Ltd., Ariel Culture Hall.