TiKun Chatzot (Midnight repair)

Festival plays >  TiKun Chatzot (Midnight repair) Duration: about 60 minutes The Posta Hall
TiKun Chatzot (Midnight repair)

Tikun Chatzot is a prayer for an individual said at night.

Its words in itself is painful,

an existential call for consolation

and a longing of two thousand years for the return to the land.

The synagogue at "Roni Zion" turn one night into an escape room with two impossible solutions.

Outside the Yasam (Israel police special patrol unit) and the bulldozers are waiting for a sign, and inside a war between a father and a son, and fifty residents – observers are required to find out together the connection between man and the land, between exile and redemption and between a cry and silence.


Play writing and direction: Amichai Chazan

Acting: Shachar Levav El & Assaf Pniel

Consultancy and concept: Oshri Maimon

Artistic accompaniment: Omri Vertesh

Dramaturgic direction: Roy Rashkas

Production: Nekuda Tova Theatre