LO ( r ) CA

Festival plays >  LO ( r ) CA Duration: about 60 minutes Knights Hall A
LO ( r ) CA

A homosexual tragedy, in which men are forced to confront their identity within the background of social-political culture, which defines homosexuality as a mental illness.

A work in the wake of the Spanish poet and playwright Federico Garcia Lorca, in light of contemporary reality, where homosexual are perceived as exceptional, do not enjoy full equal rights and struggle for their place in society.

The play is in Spanish accompanied by translation.


Direction & design: Barak Ben-David

Creating actors: Javier Prieto, Juan Caballero, Nitay Shalem, Raul Pulido

Textual works: Federico Garcia Lorca

Translation: Francisco Melian Vazquez

Video art: Nitay Shalem, Sivan Presler

Costumes: Tal Kilshon

Production assistant: Eran Barash

Acknowledgements: Acco Theatre Center, Isaac Daimiel Naranjo