The city of Fortune

Festival plays >  The city of Fortune Duration: about 60 minutes The Posta Hall
The city of Fortune

A play based on the book of Elie Weizel, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate

The play takes place within the head of a holocaust survivor, who returns to the city of fortune, his birth town in Hungary.

He is in prison.

The prison cell loses it stability,

It changes and turns into the various places where once it was possible to meet God, and in the background, tunes of childhood float, of the Hassidic court, of Kaddish, and of heresy.

Among the voices, he is looking for the voice of God, however the voice of the Hungarian interrogator is stronger than all and he demands to know why.

Why should a Jew cross the border to a country that is a prison?

God entered the prison. Out of his own will. And now, I did as well.


I must see him. He should see me.

And God watches.

A poetic venom play about theatre, actors, audience and God

The play integrates acting, music and puppeteering.


Play: Assaf Friedman

Direction: Amichai Ezer

Acting: Yifat Israel, Aaron Yokel, Asaf Friedmann, David Ophir

Live music: Yossi Suede – Guitar and singing, Shneor Godinger – Accordion, Meir Klainer – Clarinet

Management and production: Lilach Cohen

The ensemble thanks Rabbi Fruman Chai Shalom who regarded the theatre art as the realistic place in reality out of a concept that the theatre is an anti-realistic space, which sustains in it existential situations thus simulating the reality of God.