Thisability – An integrated dance performance

Festival plays >  Thisability – An integrated dance performance Duration: About 45 minutes Akko Auditorium
Thisability – An integrated  dance performance
Thisability – An integrated  dance performance

Porn Inspiration

Six dancers on the stage, three of them with a handicap. Not objects

"We are not real people. We are there to provide inspiration. And in fact I am sitting on the stage and look this way in a wheelchair, and you are probably kind of expecting me to inspire you, Right? (Laughter) Yes." (Stella Young)


The work engages in exceptionality, draws its inspiration from the image of Helen Keller, and through it handles the tension created between a hermetic and structured world and its ability to communicate with the outside world. The turning point for Helen occurred when the young Ann Sullivan, who was her teacher for many years, entered the picture. Sullivan communicated with Keller using the sense of touch. The touch of the hand, and particularly the fingertips drew Helen out of a dark, sad and closed world into a world where she succeeded in expressing herself and communicates with the surroundings. In English, the place where the toes are placed in ballet point shoes, enabling one to stand on the tiptoes, is called Box so that the tension is created precisely when the dancer's foot is locked within the hermetic box.


Credits Porn Inspiration:

Choreography and dramaturgy: Nicole  Mahler

Creating dancers and male dancer: Ayelet Shofty, Ettie Tovi Tzadik, Yelena Belous, Layil Goren, Neta Erez

Artistic accompaniment: Osnat Shnek

Music arrangement: Udi Erlich


Huge thanks to the association "Kivunim" (Directions) and to Suzan and Gidi who believed in the project and supported it from the very beginning, to Yehuda Peled, to Laron committee, to Ilanit Tadmor, the coordinator of the project "A dancer in the community" of the Ministry of Culture, and to the Dance Department at the Ministry of Culture, To the Western Galilee College for the possibility to work in the studio of the Dance department.

Thanks to Smadi Goren for the photographs.

Thanks to the following donors:

Don’t Leave Me as I Am

Hella and Maurice Rosengarten Stiftung

Sarah Durmuller - Hans Neufeld Stiftung

About the Choreographer:

Nicol Mahler is a choreographer, dancer and a teacher of contemporary dance and engages in social initiatives. In the last four years, she dances and creates with people with physical disabilities. She researches dance and performance as motivators for conceptual and social change

Credits About Myself:

Choreography and performance: Keren Notik

Flautist: Magal Atar

Music: Claire De Lune/Claude Debussy

Soundtrack design and musical editing: Tal Cohen and Keren Notik

Text: Helen Keller An early version of the work was staged at Between Heaven and Earth Festival 2016.

Artistic accompaniment in Between Heaven and Earth Festival: Nava Frenkel.