International theater >  REVOLT ATHENS GREECE Duration :about 50 minutes The White Hall

*The play is in English

Thousands are out on the streets, Athene is burning, the government cuts down on pensions and social budgets and the people come out to protest.
This is Athene of the last seven years - the war of existence against austerity and draconian economic measures, whilst in the background there is a history of thousands of years.
Revolt Athens is a voyage of three creators in the space between disaster and renewal in temporary Greece. The creators try to shutter stereotyped mages of Greece as reflected from the news reports on economic collapse and the rescue plans. Revolt Athens is a kind of an alternative "urban guide" for contemporary Athens, which exposes deep layers of the Greek society today.

The play won first prize at Birmingham Theatre Festival 2017, and additional awards for acting and direction at the Berlin Festival and Prague Festival.


Director: Elli Papakonstantinou
Creator, writer and producer: Elli Papakonstantinou
Actors: Rosa Prodromou, Tilemachos Moussas, Pantelis Makkas
Set and costume design: Telis Karananos, Alexandra Siafkou
Sound Design: Tilemachos Moussas
Lighting: Olympia Mytilinaiou
Music: Tilemachos Moussas
Photos: Alex Kat
Visual: Pantelis Makkas