Mistero Buffo NY

International theater >  Mistero Buffo NY Duration: about 60 minutes The White Hall
Mistero Buffo NY

*The play is in English

Mistero Buffo is a solo critical and amusing performance of the award-winning artist Panos Vlahos, in which he re-investigates legends from the Bible until the Middle Ages focusing on the "Last Supper" scene hosted by the clown Gullari. 
Through monologues, out spoken reflections, loitering and a dialogue with the audience, the clown Gullari succeeds in conveying diversified political theological message on religion, faith and human beings.

The play was awarder First Prize at the Hollywood Fringe Festival 2017. In addition, the play won the award of the physical theatre performance of the year at the United Solo Festival 2016 in New York and awards for direction and production at the Chicago Fringe Theatre Festival 2017.
After a successful run at the Balcony Theater at West Park Presbyterian Church, New York in May 2016, an award winning performance as the 2016 Best Physical Theater Show at the United Solo Theater Festival and a presentation at Hollywood Fringe Festival where we won the Encore Producers’ Award 2017, Mistero Buffo will be presented this in Chicago. The performances will be held in September 2017 as part of the Chicago Fringe Festival. 

Creator: Dario Fo
Actor: Panos Vlahos
Director: Lyto Triantafyllidou
Producer: Noa Egozi
Assistant producer: George Kalogiratos