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Duration: about 10 minutes (one-on-one show) Knights Hall 9

In order to meet me, you will have to go through the gatekeeper, who will lead you to the crate. I will wait for you inside… attentive and should you decide to meet me face to face I will obey or examine… in any event I will be totally yours for 7 minutes. My responsibility and yours begins already by choosing the track. In each track, there is exposure. You will expose and I will expose… only nothing is known in advance.

When you will experience you will internalize.

The performance was born as my MA final project at the "researcher creating actor" study track at the University of Tel Aviv.


Created and performed by: Ela Solomon

Creator assistant/ Gatekeeper: Noa Golani

Artistic guidance: Dr. Chen Alon

Performer's outfit guidance: Prof. Miriam Guretzki-Bilu

Performer's outfit designer: Noam Valencia 

Production of box: "Teamnet" -Project supporting company