M.I.K.L.A.T– Eyal Dinar

Special projects >  M.I.K.L.A.T– Eyal Dinar Open Exhibition between 12:00-21:00 Performance and discourse with the audience every day at 17:00 and at 19:00 Post Hall
M.I.K.L.A.T– Eyal Dinar

MIKLAT is the Hebrew word for Shelter, From who or what does the shelter supposed to protect?  Who or what does it protect?

In its dark depth lie ghosts of memories, fears and ancient struggles. However, the unconscious is not only the home of the suppressed trauma and the instincts. The damp and dark shelter womb is also the birthplace of an angel.

Is the unconscious also the birthplace of the metaphysical?

The artistic event M.I.K.L.A.T is a product of a renewed encounter and the coping with the past. The works erupt straight into the biographic and existential core. Various encounters take place in the shelter and each encounter evokes a different observation.

The artist Eyal Dinar (1976) was born and raised in Kibbutz Sasa on the Lebanese border. Works and creates in Berlin in the last years,

This exhibition was first created and shown at the Atelier für Photographie, Berlin, by way of an artistic dialogue with the artistic creator Itay Ganot and his ARTraining method.

Special thanks: to Sarah Lüdemann, Eran Evan, Dr. Ronen Pinkas, Yishay Brandes, Guy Braneds, Ruchama Dinar & members of kibbutz Sasa