Lost items

Festival plays >  Lost items Duration: about 50 minutes The Studio Hall
Lost items

The joint work of Hod Swartz and Shiran Ben-David actresses and creators, residents of the Galilee.

"In this room there are many lost items. And these are not just objects, these are fragments of life"

A play based on the book by Michael Scheinfeld "Losses". Yoav, a student resides with his lonely aunt and works at the lost property room at the train station. The characters' lives change abruptly when he finds in the lost property room an object, which brings to life an old story, which had been pushed into the memory box. Yoav is forced to decide: is it possible to change the past? A story about a missed opportunity, pain and choice, about a yearning for belonging and a yearning for life.


Direction: Or Nadav Argov

Artistic consultancy: Harel Kertesz

Actresses creators: Hod Shwarts, Shiran Ben-David

Direction for festival: Irit Rachevski

Lighting design: Adam Waiser

Choreography: Pol Deri Costume design: Shira Guttentag

Assistant director: Tzufit Moshel

 Acknowledgment: Yediot Sfarim, The young Community Kiryat Shmona, Bitzur Association, The Department of Jewish Culture, Kiryat Shmona network of Community Centers.