A Study Day within the framework of Akko Festival

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Mizrahim (of eastern origin) in Theatre and Dancing in Israel

Monday 19 Tishri 5778, October 9 2017

The Western Galilee Academic College – Auditorium of the Environment studies building

Editorial board: Prof. Dan Orian, Dr. Henia Rotenberg, Dr. Peter Harris, Dr. Sarit Kaufman-Simhon, Dr. Naftali Shem Tov, Shay Golan, Tamar-Anna Kronenberg


The day's program:

9:30-10:00       Gathering

10:00-10:15     Greetings

                        Mr. Shimon Lankri – Mayor of Akko

                        Prof. Dov Dvir – President of the Western Galilee Academic College

10:15-11:00     Artistic opening

                        Moderator: Dr. Rina Badash

Sofi Tusia Cohen out of the autobiographic performance "Please Faiza" based on the life story of her mothr the singer Faiza Rushdi. Direction: Itsik Seidoff, by: Sofi Tusia Cohen and Iris Shavit.

Sara Sboni with the integration of short parts from the play "The Dress". Direction: Nava Zukerman

Hana Vazan Grinvald with parts of spoken poetry.


11:00-12:00     First Session – The founding generation

                                    Moderator: Dr. Naftali Shem Tov

Participants: Ilana Cohen, Prof. Gabriel Ben Simchon, Yitzhak Goren.

The dance "The veil" will be integrated into the session. Choreography and performance: Ilana Cohen. Idea: Sara Levi-Tanai. Costumes: Racheli Sela, Music: Napas Band.


12:00-12:15     Coffee break


12:15-13:30     Second Session – The intermediate generation

                                    Moderator: Dr. Peter Harris

Participants: Yonatan Chirchi, Dr. Razi Amitai, Sara Siboni, Sofi Tusia-Cohen, Yonat Rotman

A part of the solo performance "Self Grace" will be integrated into the session. Playwriting and acting: Yonatan Cherchi. Direction: Yonatan Cherchi and Rani Blair


13:30-14:30     Lunch break


14:30-15:00     Performance at the entrance concourse of Beta Dance

troupe, solo and duet out of the work " You are me but I am not you". Choreography: Dega Feder, Solo performance: Dega Feder, performance of duet: Mazal Demoza and Yael Avinatan.


15:00-16:15     Third Session – The Young Generation

                                    Moderator: Michal Ben Ami

Participants: Tali Lieberman, Adva Mizrahi, Maor Zaguri, Hana Vazana Grinvald, Dr. Natali Turgeman.

Parts of Tali Lieberman's work "What are you?" will be integrated into the session. Writing and performance: Tali Lieberman. Direction: Me'ira Medina-Yonga

Out of the solo performance "Lahaf", writing and performance: Adva Mizrahi, derection: Mor Lidor, Dramaturgy: Na'ama Berman


16:15-17:30     Fourth Session – "Shorashim" Dance Theatre

                                    Moderator: Dr. Sarit Kaufman-Simhon

Participants: Asher Cohen, Hai Davidov, Gila Khachimi, Beru Teshle, Daga Feder.

A part of the standup "Both Funny and Thought Provoking" by Beru Teshle will be integrated into the session.


*Participation is free of charge and is subject to pre-registration

For registration: yomuin123@gmail.com

Shai Golan 050-5414602 Tamar Anna Kronenberg 052-4414868

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