Live show

Special projects >  Live show 8-9/10 Night performance stage at the Festival gardens

8.10 – Zalluk | 23:00
DJ Eitan Hasid | 00:00


Zalluk troupe creates a sharp groove from Spanish Morocco in virtuous playing and hypnotizing singing, directed straight into the heart and the pelvis

DJ Eitan Hasid

Researcher of organic and electronic music,

Interweaves sounds and rhythms from all around the world and creates a conscious- opening and movement expanding musical space. With an experience of a decade in the field, DJ Eitan Hasid re-invents himself in each open space and surfs with the created movement. Countless colors, sounds and rhythms for countless expanding hearts.


22:30 | 9.10 - Siroco




An energetic and bouncing performance of an Ethiopian groove ensemble combined with reggae, Neo-Soul, Jazz and Rock, singing original music in Hebrew, English and Amharic.


Siroco Band

Siroco Band plays modern Flamenco music, combining touches of Jazz. An hour performance with the best music players Paco de Lucia, Vicente Amigo, Gipsy King. Instrumental numbers, Flamenco dance, which integrates Flamenco rhythms and modern Jazz music.

Sami Peretz – guitar, Haim Azikri – bass guitar, Alon Uzan – accompaniment guitar, Litto – Cajón drummer and harmonica player, Roni Dimetstien – flute.