The Festival Sukkah

Special projects >  The Festival Sukkah during the Intermediate Days of Sukkot at the Akko Festival of Alternative Theatre

15:30   Creative Corners activity for children at the Festival Sukkah


16:30   “Legends Ltd.” – Story hour for the Sukkot holiday


17:30   “Legends Ltd.” – Story hour for the Sukkot holiday


 19:00   “The Mysterious Treasure – A magical play for the entire family.


21:00   “Mamash” Band – with live music for “Simchat Beit Ha'sho'evah”


22:00   “Beat the Experts” – An Improv show based on audience requests and with its participation

Between the performances and throughout the Festival events, the Sukkah location invites all Festival visitors to be our guests, to eat and drink in its shade, to experience and get acquainted with the Four Species, and enjoy the mitzvot of the Sukkot holiday.

*Hospitality at the Sukkah* A performance stage and activity for children and the entire family *

*Simchat Beit Ha'sho'evah* Four Species and more…

*Free Admission*