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Radical Animation! Is there ART pARTisipation

The role of animation in the arts is a central one. We animate the spirits of the ancestors back to life in order to enter the masks and puppets and bring life to them. 
Actors give life to characters on stages and in film. Visual artists animate images to create movement in cartoons and artists involved with participatory projects animate small or large-scale processes and the people involved in them. While the people animate us back.
The Anima – the Soul is at the core of artistic creation.
Using my experience as as puppeteer, theater maker, and artistic director of large scale participatory projects, I will start out with model projects, focusing on different methodologies we developed to animate the creativity of the public and involve them, both in artistic endeavors as well as urban/human development projects. 
I will focus on the latest Urban Inquiries project developed for the Burgtheater Vienna, which involved over a thousand citizens in a season long co-creation process, will present the new Orfeo & Majnun
project, a large scale participatory music theatre project, which will involve citizens in 7 different European cities, and which received EU Creative Europe funding, and I will reflect on the Lecce 2019 – Reinventing EUtopia process.
We will examine Interactivity and the redefinition of artist-public relationships as well as the notion of empowerment and human/community development, and how we can involve the public as co-creators and not as mere spectators.