"Oh, Wow, it is happening"

Special projects >  "Oh, Wow, it is happening" Akko theater Foyer Sunday, 08/10/2017, 18:00

Freedom of expression Releasing steam


 Audience welcome to participate


Moderator: Dr. Miki Miro – Social journalist,


MK Zoher Bahalul, Hamachane Hazioni

Mr. Albert Ben Shlush - CEO of Akko Festival

Dr. Nurit Zederboim – poet and plastic artist,

Mrs. Thiya Suliman – Actress and singer,

Mr. Moni Yosef – Director of Akko Festival

Video arts and performances will be included in the program:

"My Land"- Yanin Shilo, "Ano Bano" group

"So far the end of the news" – Dr. Miki Miro

"Jerusalem of the heart" - Moshe Perlman

"The Rolling Stones" – Arie Yass

The event will be broadcast live on: