Map Legend  
Weizmann Street; to the Civic Auditorium and the Conservatory* 1
The Ruins (Hirbeh) 2
The Arches Cave (Me’arat haKeshet) 3
Dado Matnas (community center) 4
The Moat Garden (Gan HaHafir) 5
The Eastern Wall (Homah Mizrachit) 6
Moat Parking Lot  (Khanyon HaHafir) 7
Acco Theatre Center, the Diwan, the White Hall (HaLavan) 8
Press Room, Festival HQ, Central Lawn 9
Tourist Parking, Box Office, Entrance to the Festival Gardens 10
Knights’ Halls, Refectorium, the Beautiful Hall (HaYafeh), the Crypt, Fortress Courtyard 11
Sea Gate 12
Saraya – Old City Matnas 13
Turkish Bazaar 14
JNF Info Center, Khan a-Shawarda 15
Knights’ Parking Lot, Artisans’ Faire 16
Civic Auditorium and Acco Conservatory are outside the Old City: travel north along Weizmann Street *