Driving – Parking – Transportation Arrangements

  • For Festival-goers arriving from outside Acco: a “park-and-ride” arrangement will operate Oct. 8 – 10, beginning each day at 17:00 (5 o’clock p.m.).
  • Visitors will be directed to a parking lot at the Acco Stadium – no fee required.
  • For visitors’ convenience, a shuttle bus service will operate between the parking lot and the Festival grounds in the Old City.
  • This shuttle service charges a token fare: 10 NIS round-trip. A ticket is required for ages 5 and over.
  • Visitors arriving by train can continue to the Festival grounds in the Old City by bus from the Acco train station. These are regular lines operated by Nateev Express, with regular fares.
  • To avoid traffic congestion, some streets in Acco will be closed to vehicular traffic from 17:00 (5 o’clock p.m.) on the days of the Festival.
  • On all the days of the Festival, the Old City will be closed to vehicular traffic from 13:00 (1 o’clock p.m.).
  • The Israel Police will direct drivers to outlying parking lot and back.


Public Transportation for the Acco Festival

Bus (Nateev Express):

  • During the days of the Festival (Sunday – Thesday, 8-10 October), public transportation will continue to operate until 22:30 (10:30 p.m.), including bus line 2 from the Acco Railway Station. Intercity bus service will operate on the regular schedule.
  • For timetables and route information: Phone info: *5770 – after the recorded announcement, press “1” for Hebrew, then after the recording press ”2” for assistance, and when the operator comes on the line, ask for ENGLISH.

.Israel Railways:

  • For timetables, fares, and customer service:
    • Website: www.rail.co.il (in Hebrew, Arabic, Russian, English)
    • Phone info: *5770 – after the Hebrew announcement, press”2” for assistance, then ask the operator for ENGLISH.


Security Arrangements and Instructions for Festival-goers

  • To prevent unnecessary pressures, the public is asked to arrive early at the Festival grounds.
  • Drivers are reqiested to park their vehicles in the lots on the outskirts of the city. (See above.) An illegally parked vehicle will be towed to the municipal parking lot at the city marketplace on Herzl Street behind (east of) the main bus station.
  • Entrance to the Festival Gardens requires a ticket to a show or a staff ID badge. Visitors will undergo a thorough security inspection that takes time; your understanding and patience for this mandatory inspection are necessary and appreciated.
  • Playgoers are asked to arrive at least 15 minutes prior to curtain. Shows will start at the scheduled time. (See Timetables). Latecomers will not be seated and will not receive refunds.
  • All ages require a ticket.
  • Entrance with a weapon, animal, or beverages is strictly prohibited.
  • Please heed the instructions of ushers and security personnel.
  • Any suspicious object or irregular incident should be reported to security personnel and by phone to the police: dial 100.
  • Vigilance prevents disasters!


Restroom facilities:

The Acco Festival is hosted at a venue belonging to the Old Acre Development Company, a subsidiary of the Israeli Ministry of Tourism.

As required for developing tourism infrastructure, the OADC has installed public restroom facilities at a high level of quality.

The facility is managed and operated by a subcontractor who requires a fee of 3 NIS for use of the restroom.

The Acco Festival producers have no part in the facility’s management or the payment required of restroom users.

For the benefit of Festival-goers, a public restroom is available outside the Festival Gardens free of charge.