festival regulations

Akko, August 2017

Regulations of the International Akko Festival of Alternative Theatre

1.    In these regulations:
"Steering Committee" – a committee that has been set up and has been composed as set out in section 7 below, and whose roles are as defined in these Regulations;
"The Municipality" -     The Municipality of Akko
"The Festival" – The International Akko Festival of Alternative Theatre"
"The Mayor" – The Mayor of Akko or whoever has been authorized by him in writing to perform his duties, all or part thereof, pursuant to these Regulations.

2.    The purpose of the Festival is to promote in Israel alternative theatre – Fringe theatre and to raise its level by way of providing a stage for professional, original, innovative theatre production by content, form and design suitable for the conditions of the venue.

3.    Within the framework of the Festival there will be staged original Israeli performances, fringe performances from overseas, quest performances, outdoor performances, workshops and projects, which will be considered suitable for the Festival, all according to the decision of the Art Director in coordination with the CEO of the Festival.

4.    The Festival is produced and managed by the Municipality of Akko.

5.    The Festival is held at the city of Akko, while emphasizing the Old City.

6.    The Festival is held once a year during the Chol Ha'moed (Intermediate days) of Sukkot during the course of 3-5 days and/or at any other time as may be determined by the Steering Committee of the Festival.
The manner of managing the Festival

7.    7.1    A Steering Committee will be appointed for the Festival, comprised of the following officers:

7.1.1    Representatives of the Municipality, who will be appointed according to the Mayor's decision – up to ten people.

7.1.2    Representatives of the Government Offices involved in the budgeting the Akko Festival – One representative from each Office.

7.1.3    Representatives of artists – people of culture, who have served in the past as art directors of a festival or as art directors of Akko Festival of Alternative Theatre – up to three people.

7.1.4    Public and institutions representatives according to the recommendation of the chairperson of the Steering Committee – up to three people.

7.2    The Mayor of the city will serve as Chairperson of the Steering Committee.

7.3    The representatives of the artists and the public and institutions representatives will be elected by the Steering Committee serving at the time of election.

7.4    No person shall serve on the Steering Committee if such person is a member of another steering committee, the management, or a managing team of 2 or more other festivals, or on the steering team or the management of a competing festival.
    "A competing festival" means – a festival, which presents identical or similar content, or a festival which is also held during Chol Hamoed Sukkot.

8.    The members of the Steering Committee will act at all times, during the entire time of their service on the Steering Committee, to promote the Festival's empowerment and prominence, while maintaing the budget set for it. For this purpose, each of the members will harness its experience and expertise in favor of promoting the Festival and its objectives. 

9.    The Steering Committee will approve the budget of the Festival. The Festival will function and will be produced within the budget as approved by the Steering Committee.

10.    The Steering Committee is entitled to appoint a limited number of teams for discussing issues that are under the authority of the Steering Committee, for the purpose of examining data and forming recommendations for the Steering Committee.

11.    A legal quorum for holding meetings of the Steering Committee will be at least 9 members.

12.    The decisions of the Steering Committee shall be adopted by the majority of the members present at that meeting.
    Absence of any of the members of the Steering Committee shall not constitute grounds for rescinding the decision made.

13.    The Steering Committee will appoint the Art Director of the Festival and the Director of the Outdoor Events of the Festival.

14.    The chairperson of the Steering Committee will appoint the CEO of the Festival and the latter will appoint the production team.

15.    The Art Director will submit for the approval of the Steering Committee his proposal for manning the members of the Art Committee.

16.    The Art Director and the CEO of the Festival, in consultation with the Art Committee, will appoint judges for the competition.

17.    The artistic program will be submitted for the approval of the Steering Committee not later than three months prior to the opening of the Festival.

18.    Each group, a single person or body participating in the Festival will undertake to act according to the guidelines and instructions of the CEO of the Festival, this being a condition for their participation in the Festival.

19.    The Art Director is entitled to determine at any time that a certain production is not worthy of being included in the Festival, despite its receiving a prior approval, and even after it has received the approval of the Steering Committee.
The Competition Performances

20.    Within the framework of the Festival, each year a competition will be held between original performances, which have never been performed on any other stage or forum. 

21.    The following are entitled to submit candidacy for the competition: groups, single persons or a team that has been set especially for the Festival, residents of Israel, who are not supported or sponsored by the Ministry of Culture, and who wish to present an original performance within the framework of the competition. 
    The Art Director, with the approval of the Steering Committee, is entitled to approve participation in the competition also to a group, which does not meet the aforementioned criteria for special circumstances, which will be specified in the decision of the Steering Committee.

22.    Each year, the Festival will publish a press release inviting creators, playwrights, and additional bodies to submit proposal for new productions according to guidelines that may be set from time to time by the Art Director of the Festival and which will be detailed in the press release.
    The version and date of the publication will be approved by the CEO of the Festival and the legal advisor of the Festival, prior to the publication.

23.    The Art Committee will assist the Art Director to select - out of the proposals that have been received - the ones suitable for participation at a competing performance of the Festival.

24.    The number of productions designated to participate in the Festival's competition will be no less than 

25.    In selecting the performances, which will participate in the competition, the following considerations, inter alia, will be taken into account - considerations of the quality of the performance, its originality, its innovation, its adaption to the stream of "Alternative Theatre", its suitability as a performance within the framework of a festival, and its suitability for the spaces available for staging the performances.
    Furthermore, the decisions re accepting the performances to the competition and determining the number of the participating performances are subject to the budget framework of the Festival, as approved for that same year by the Steering Committee.

26.    Each performance participating in the competition will receive a "production grant". The amount of the grant will be determined for each performance separately in coordination with the CEO, the Producer and the Art Director, based on considerations of the number of participant in the performance and additional consideration, which will be determined in advance for that same activity year.

27.    The production grant, which will be set by the Festival, will be final and it is the team's responsibility to use it only for the production needs.

28.    On the recommendation of the judges, a monetary prize or prizes will be awarded to productions participating in the competitions. The judges are entitled to distribute the monetary prize among a number of productions and several topics. The amount designated for prizes will be determined by the Steering Committee within the framework of the Festival's budget.