Greetings 2017

Welcome to the Akko Festival of Alternative theatre!

The Akko Festival of Alternative Theatre has been a story of success for decades. The festival has faced artistic, moral and social challenges in the course of its long years of activity. This year, too, a heavy cloud hung over the festival, however it was removed thanks to an uncompromising belief, commendable efforts and determination of good men and women, led by my dear friend, the Mayor of Akko, Shimon Lankri.

The belief in the justice of our way and the necessity of the Festival's existence in its rich content format, accompanied all of us during the last months, despite the threats of boycotting the Festival on the part of various parties. I instructed my office staff to take an active part in finding a solution to the crisis that threatened to end it. I am delighted that the festival took shape and that it contains a rich and groundbreaking artistic program, characterizing this quality and important festival along many years.

The festival includes this year, as always, performances, considered a different, alternative, thought, emotion and inspiration provoking theater, along with inviting street theatre, which is open to the wide public, free of charge at the city outdoors.

This year, too, the Festival presents the best local and international products, and I believe that many audiences will enjoy, like each year during the Sukkot Holiday, rich culture, the amazing views of Akko, the combination between new and ancient, the diversity of the city's population, the warm and cohesive human landscape, the beautiful tourism sites and the many other attractions the city of Akko offers.

The city of Akko is a mixed city of Jews and Arabs and constitutes a symbol of a fertile and fruitful co-existence, all in accordance with the founding values of the State of Israel as a Jewish democratic state. The leadership of the city was wise to nurture and develop the strong ties between the Jews and the Arabs in the city.

The city of Akko produced festivals and excellent culture events, which express the various voices in the society in Israel, the highlight being the Akko Festival for Alternative Theatre.

I regard the growing and flourishing fields of culture and art in Akko as a first rate strategic tool of its strengthening and the continuation of its overall development. My policy of allocating increased budgetary resources, and making the diversified culture accessible to settlements remote from the center of the country, comes to correct the injustice of years, to strengthen the spiritual world of these settlements and to increase their growth in a variety of fields interfacing culture: economy, tourism and commerce. I am proud of the partnership with the vigorous Mayor of Akko, a man of vision and action, for the purpose of realizing these common goals.

I warmly thank all the people who established this distinguished Festival, all those who stood by the Mayor, Shimon Lankri, in his justified struggle, and thanks also to Albert Ben Shlush, the CEO of the Economic Corporation of the City of Akko, to Moni Yosef, who courageously took upon himself the artistic management of the Festival following the crisis, and to anyone who worked day and night to produce this Festival.

I wish all of us an enjoyable Festival. Knowing all the people involved, I have no doubt it will be!

M.K. Miri Regev, Brig. Gen. (Res.)
Minister of Culture and Sports

Greetings of the Minister of the Interior and the Development of the Periphery the Negev & the Galilee – Akko Festival 2017

The city of Akko, with a rich and glorious historical past, and one of the most ancient port cities in the world, which constitutes the northern gate entrance to Eretz Yisrael, currently experiences renewed flourishing prosperity.

For 38 years Akko Festival has considered a leading culture foundation in Israel, and each year is visited by thousands of visitors.

The art fairs, the street performances, the workshops and the rich variety of performances explain most of all the wide resonance the Festival gains, which has quickly become one of the leading, unique and enjoyable festivals in the Galilee and in Israel.

The Ministry for the Development of the periphery, the Negev and the Galilee allocates special resources and puts special emphasis on promoting culture as a tool and leverage for development and growth.

In general, out of recognition and understanding that culture is an anchor, which will draw to the Galilee additional populations and at the same time strengthen the existing population, my office supports and funds many events and festivals across the Galilee, the most beautiful region in our country.

I congratulate all the people involved in the task of holding the festival and wish you all great enjoyment.

Mo'adim Le'Simchah

Arie Machluf Deri

Minister of the Interior and Minister for the development of the periphery, the Negev and the Galilee.

Greetings of the Mayor

Distinguished creators, actors, theatre lovers, quests and residents!

Akko Festival of Alternative Theatre is celebrating its 38th anniversary.

Akko – the city of the Mediterranean Culture is delighted to hold each year one of the leading festivals in Israel, reflecting all the diversified cultures, beliefs and views which make up the Israeli society.

The Akko Festival of Alternative Theatre constitutes a center of attraction and interest for creators and audience from all overthe country. I am proud and delighted to promote, year after year, under the conduct of the art director and the festival team, works are not frequently presented on the central stages, yet have a social-moral statement, sometimes hidden.

The city of Akko constitutes a home for Jews, Arabs, secular and religious people, promotes and maintains a liberal, receptive and equal lifestyle among all its members. The city currentlyexperiences a development and growth boom. Alongside the development of culture, tourism and education, large projects are promoted for the public welfare, among them the unprecedented overall agreement, which will enhance tremendously the city infrastructures following the addition of approx.16,000 families in the coming decade.

We welcome the many creators, playwrights, directors, producers and actors who take part in the festival, and thank them for their choice to participate in the success and development of the city.

I would like to wish the great audience and the residents of Akko a fascinating and enjoyable alternative theatre experience.

Mo'adim Le'simcha, a happy and successful festival

Shimon Lankri

Mayor of Akko.

Greetings of the Festival Director

The Akko International Alternative Theatre Festival is embarking on a fascinating journey for the 38th time. The Festival of Akko, the reflection of the Israeli society, ignites the imagination of all theatre fans and challenges the artistic work.

The historic inspiration of the theatrical place of occurrence,throws its magic over the creating artists, the stage personnel and the audience, who enjoy each year an unforgettable experience.

Akko - The welcoming city - welcomes everybody entering its gates, and provides each guest with the most beautiful gist – a theatre journey of the best Israeli works within an ancient weave of 900 years old scenery.

The quantum leap Akko has been making in recent years in the fields of tourism and culinary, combined with entertainment attractions, puts the city in a prioritized recreation location for all its guests.

The strong foundations of the Akko International Festival of Alternative Theatre continues the tight link of Akko with the culture world in Israel and abroad and brings along each year a refreshing and innovative gust of wind, which can be found only in Akko.

The support given to the artists by Akko Municipality and the Ministry of Culturehas no parallel in the Israeli and the international world of culture.

Thanks extended to the Mayor, Mr. Shimon Lankri, who always enablesthe continuation of this activity, to the CEO of the municipality, Mr. Ohad Segev, who creatively motivates, and to all the employees of the municipality, the Akko Economic Corporation, to the Ancient Akko Development company and the CEO Dudu Harari; to the Minister of the Negev and the Galilee, Rabi Machluf Arie Deri and his team.

Thanks to whoever acts for culture, to the Minister of Culture and Sports MK Miri Regev, to the CEO Yosi Sharabi and to the head of the Culture Administration Galit Wahaba Shasho.

Thanks to the person, who took upon himself the art direction, Moni Yosef together with the committee members.

Wishing you a happy theatre holiday

Albert Ben-Shlush

CEO and Chief producer.

Greeting of the CEO of the Old Akko Development Company Ltd. to the Festival 2017 attendees.

Worm greetings to all attending the Akko Festival of Alternative Theatre,which is celebrating its 38th anniversary.

Akko Festival of Alternative Theatre is definitely the biggest and most significant platform for alternative art in Israel.

Old Akko, oneof the urban jewels of the State of Israel and the Mediterranean, built of multiple and rich layers of cultures, antiquities, combination of old and new, present and past, thus greatly contributing to the uniqueness of the festival and its success.

Following the international recognition of the importance of Akko to the development of human cultural, it was declared by UNESCO in 2001 as a City for the Preservation of the World Culture Heritage. Therefore, there is no better and more appropriate place to hold the Akko Festival for Alternative Theatre, particularly in honor of its 38th anniversary.

Each year we witness the trend-oriented strengthening of productions, created for the extraordinary stage offered by the city of Akko, with its unique halls and special sites; it appears that nothing suits them better.

The continuous expansion of the Festival attendees, thirsty for its performances, is a refreshing phenomenon unparalleled in Israel.

This festival constitutes a hotbed for creators and artists, where the buds of the future Israeli Theatre grow.

Best of luck to everybody and greetings to all the hundreds of thousands of attendees, producers, playwrighters, directors, creators, actors, and all those engaged in the work, and to all the inhabitants of Akko I wish much pleasure and a wonderful experience of an alternative theatre.

Hag Sameach/Happy Holiday

David Harari, CEO

Old Akko Development Company Ltd.

This melody cannot be stopped.

The biggest theatre celebration in Israel cannot be stopped.

The Akko festival is an unparalleled theatre celebration, specially because it takes place in Akko.

This is my second term of office as the Director of the Akko Festival.

I dedicate this year's festival to all the residents of Akko, Jews and Arabs, to whom the festival, first and foremost, belongs to.

For 33 years I have been residing and creating in Akko and my love for the city and its residents constantly increases.

Here I created and was a partner to the works of Akko's theatre Center, which created precedents in the world theatre.

I had the privilege to create, inspired by David Ma'ayan, a mentor and a friend. Akko has been, and will be a source of inspiration. The Festival accompanies my life as a creator and as a spectator for many years; I was a partner to wonderful works as an actor and as a director: Arbeit Macht Frei, Memories of the Second Generation, An Arabic Dream, Strong Women, and more.

This year the Festival is varied and opens its doors to creators from Israel and from overseas, presenting performances that engage in contemporary society in Israel and the world, with all their varieties.

First, I would like to thank the artists who take part in the Festival

Thanks to the Steering Committee headed by the Mayor, Shimon Lankri and the CEO Ohad Segev.

Thanks to my friend Albert Ben Shlush, CEO of the Festival, who has provided, and is providing unlimited support.

Thanks to the members of the art committee: Khaled Abbo, Ali, Roy Reshkas, the wonderful Erez Hasson and Josh Sagi who joined in with great love and professionalism for the success of the Festival.

And of course to the production team: Eti Spitzer, Ben-Petel Shani Gibson and Sharon Moyal.

Special thanks to Eran Berg and Arie Yass.

Moni Yosef

Art Director

Akko Festival

Distinguished residents of Akko, creators and quests,

This is the second year that we are acting as art directors of street theatre events at the Festival. We are excited to present to you the artistic program and hope that you will enjoy and find great interest in it.

The Festival is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the Israeli creative work in the field of street theatre and expose the audience to contemporary trends and leading creators in the field.

The expression: street theatre, hides in it an enormous and varied spectrum of art, means of expression and disciplines – dancing, circus, physical theatre, pantomime, puppet theatre, living statues, and this year even magic art and multimedia. The beauty in street theatre is that it has no rules and everything in it is possible as long as the artist manages to captivate his audience and communicate with it.

The Festival's visitor may look at the program, select the performances that ignite his imagination and go out on a journey to the unknown. On the way, he will meet theatrical figures, who have got lost in the alleys, find himself actively participating in the performances, watch circus shows, and with his sharp eye, experience intimate poetic moments, hidden in the nooks and crannies of the Festival.

All along, the work on the artistic program - which besides selecting the performances, also included artistic accompaniment of the premiere performances at the Festival - the word "dialogue" stood before our eyes. This was a particularly turbulent year for the Israeli culture; sometimes it seems that the gaps between the various parts of the Israeli society only widen further until they are almost unbridgeable. We believe that it is precisely the street artist, who meets the audience without graces and barriers, without a stage, and eye to eye, may create a dialogue we all yearn for, because if there is dialogue and attention, we may enjoy, once again, the amazing versatility of the Israeli society, which is a fertile ground for unique theatrical creation. The proof is the Israeli street artists, who perform and succeed at the Festival and lead all over the world.

Thank you for coming. We wish you a meaningful, heart-opening and inspiring experience.

Martin Adin & Zohar Markman