The Last Field

It’s stifling here… crowded… there’s no room…
When a man seeks… and wants to take revenge on… when a person craves… when what you’ve started with your own hands is what will finish you off… when you don’t know who controls what… when a sculpture turns you into a mother… or a father… and what will the sculptor create…

At the war’s end, though at the height of the tension, live two peoples: some are Northerners, some Southerners, and some are a product of both.
A general, a woman, a scarecrow, and an artist meet on the last field, while a crow circles overhead.

Playwright: Nahd Basheer
Director: Hesham Soliman
Set and costume design: Majdala Khoury
Music: Aias Nataur
Lighting design: Alon Stampka
Dramaturgy: Salman Nataur
Production manager: A’adl abu Ria
Executive producer: Hassan Taha
Production assistant: Yasmin Hishan
Produced by: the Aljoual Theatre- Sakhnin
Actors: Mahmoud abu Jazi, Nedal Badarni, Nahd Basheer, Lana Zreik

Al-Laz Theatre
Approx. one hour

Ticket Price: 75 NIS