Website Accessibility

Website Accessibility


Service equality to all our customers, including our website users, is of utmost importance to us. Therefore, we invest considerable efforts to ensure our website is accessible to all users.


As part of these efforts, we have included accessibility components in our website, including:


Standard - The website is compatible with common web browsers and can be viewed through them.


Content - The website content has been written in a simple, straightforward manner. The content is divided into several levels, each divided into different topics.


Links - The links available on the website are easily identifiable.


Images - Use of alternative text for images.


Design - The website is embedded with designs adjusted for visually impaired users.


Website structure - based on clear and convenient navigation and list menus to facilitate an easy and friendly browsing experience.


Accessibility menu - The website includes an accessibility menu that opens up the accessibility buttons when clicked.

Options included in the accessibility menu:

Keyboard navigation

Transfer to the Contact Us form

Controlling the website font size

Stopping moving and flashing elements

Selecting color contrast based on a dark or light background

The ability to adjust the display to color blindness

Transfer to the Accessibiltiy Desclaration

Closing the accessibility components

For your convenience - here is an explanation on keyboard navigation on the website:

To zoom in and increase display size, press "Ctrl" and "+" together. 

To zoom out, press "Ctrl" and "-" together. 

To change website font sizes, click the font size adjustment buttons available in the accessibility menu.

To operate the website using your keyboard - Users having difficulties operating a mouse can browse the website with their keyboard.

Use the "Tab" key to navigate between links and the "Enter" key to select the marked link.

Accessibility exclusion

We need to note that despite our efforts to make the entire website accessible, some parts of the website may not be so (whether these parts originated from other websites and/or due to technological limitations). Nevertheless, as part of our commitment to allow all our customers, including people with disabilities, to use our company's website, we continue our efforts to preserve and improve the level of website accessibility to the fullest extent possible, to maintain equal rights and equal opportunities for all.

Current issues - some of the documents available on the website are in the process of being made accessible. If you encounter an inaccessible document and need an accessible version, please contact us through the "Contact Us" form, specifying which document you need. We will make it accessible for you.

Contact Us

If you encounter difficulties despite our efforts, we would be happy to receive any comment, idea and suggestion regarding accessibility through the "Contact Us" form available on the website.

To allow us to handle the issue optimally, please include as many details as possible:

• A description of the issue you encountered

• What was the action you were trying to perform?

• Which page were you browsing?

• Which browser were you using?

We will handle the issue and get back to you with a solution as soon as possible.

Information Concerning Accessibility Arrangements

We have tried to ensure that accessibility aids are available in the physical venues to provide accessible service.

We would be happy to receive any request for information and/or suggestions for improvements so the service provided can be made better.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us through the "Contact Us" form available on the website, and we will gladly be of service.