Message from the CEO of the Development Company for the 2021 Akko Fringe Theater Festival

The Akko Fringe Theater Festival is celebrating its 42nd anniversary. 

This year (2021), as was last year and more than ever before, the festival faithfully keeps its obligation, ensuring the consistent continuity of a unique theatrical activity that is truly one of its kind in Israel.

While these lines are written, there is still no certainty about the exact format of the festival.

But we do know (also based on our experience from last year's festival) that "this festival cannot be stopped." 

Holding a theater festival under limitations, prohibitions and restrictions is no small matter. These difficulties are growing even stronger when uncertainty is a significant part of the preparations themselves.

Despite all difficulties and obstacles, I am sure all those working on the festival have done their best to ensure the products presented to you, dear visitors, will be exquisite, as usual.

This year, as before, the Ministry of Tourism gladly jumped on board, in collaboration with The Company for the Development of Old Akko and Nazareth Ltd., to assist and ensure this unique festival is held within the Hospitaller Citadel halls of old Akko, which became the city's trademark.

I wish all visitors attending the city and the festival an enjoyable and meaningful experience and extend my gratitude to all those who worked on it for their huge investment, the fruit of which we shall all see with great pleasure, again this year.

Yuval Porat

CEO of the Company for the Development of Old Akko and Nazareth Ltd.