Message from the Mayor

The Akko Festival of Fringe Theater is opening for its 42nd year in our magical Mediterranean city, a social and cultural center, and a mecca for artists and creators.

We dealt with complex challenges in the past year, so I am pleased the festival is returning to the public space. The city is establishing its position as a leading tourism center in the north of Israel, drawing many visitors and culture-lovers.

This year is an especially festive year for culture in the city, with many new cultural events, festivals and the grand opening of the new Culture Hall, symbolizing prosperity and urban renewal. Akko is a trailblazing, innovative and creative city, with the new and the old intertwined in its everyday existence.

Culture, Theater and Festivals form a space for a different kind of discourse, bringing people and communities together.

This year, the festival, considered the most central and important in the north, and one of the most prominent festivals in Israel, a four-day cultural celebration, joins a long line of activities and events, leading the city to promote culture in Akko.

We thank all our partners and collaborators and wish all participants and visitors an enjoyable and fascinating festival.

Happy holidays

Shimon Lankri,

Mayor of Akko