Message from the Minister of Culture

I am happy and proud to offer these words upon the opening of The Akko Fringe Theater Festival in its 42nd year. The festival is even more exhilarating this year, a real milestone we shall remember for years to come. This year, the world of culture is resuming its regular activities and brings audiences and creators together once again.

This festival emanates from a real need - a need for excitement, a need to experience the performing arts, a need to be a part of an experience that stimulates the senses, which leaves us with emotions, thoughts, and inspiration.

I applaud the hundreds of creators, artists, actors, writers, musicians, and all those taking part in the creative work for their original, diverse and specifically Israeli creations, which allow such an authentic and eclectic expression of our country's rich culture.

The Akko International Fringe Theater Festival is a different kind of festival that emphasizes diversity and inclusion of all religions, cultures, and beliefs, turning them into a unique human tapestry, one that wants to see a cultural reflection of authentic creation at its best.

Brave and honest art. A festival that does not forgo original Israeli art made from all the complexities and hardships, a festival that provides the best support and stage for talented Israeli creators.

There's no doubt in my mind that the culture-loving audience in Israel will celebrate this vast collection of talent and enjoy seeing the entire city turned into a giant stage for theater and street shows, providing everyone with moving experiences.

I want to take this opportunity also to offer my most profound admiration and recognition for the work of those dear people whose great passion for the arts has helped this festival continue to create, operate and grow with each passing year: The Mayor of Akko, Mr. Shimon Lankri, Liza Ohayon, the festival's director and executive producer, and Shalom Snualev, the festival's artistic director.

I wish all attendees and the hundreds of people responsible for this fantastic creation an enjoyable experience at the festival and in the beautiful city of Akko.

Yehiel ("Hili") Tropper

Minister of Culture and Sports