Festival Rules


Akko, August 2017

Rules of the Akko International Fringe Theater Festival


1.      In these rules:

“Steering Committee” – A committee formed and comprised as detailed in Section 7 and these Rules below, and whose roles are as specified in these rules;


“The Municipality” – The Municipality of Akko;


“The Festival” – The Akko International Fringe Theater Festival;


“The Mayor” –The Mayor of Akko, or anyone appointed by them in writing to fulfill their roles, entirety or partially, under these rules.


2.      The purpose of the Festival is to promote a different kind of theater – Fringe Theater – in Israel and improve it by providing a stage for professional, original, innovative theater productions, with the content, form and design suitable for the venue's conditions.


3.      The Festival will include original Israeli fringe productions, independent international fringe productions, guest shows, street performances, workshops and projects found suitable for the Festival, all as decided by the Artistic Director in full coordination with the Festival Director.

 4.      The Festival is produced and managed by the Municipality of Akko.

 5.      The Festival is held in the city of Akko, and especially in the old city, and with full acknowledgment of the complex and unique aspects of living in a mixed-population town.

Akko is a multi-cultural city with a diverse and sensitive population and is a microcosm of Israeli society. Therefore, it is vital to protect the delicate fabric of coexistence in the city and refrain from undermining the relationships between city residents.


6.      The Festival is held once a year, for 3-5 days during Hol HaMoed Sukkot and/or at any other time as determined by the Festival’s Steering Committee.


Manner of Management of the Festival



7.1       A Steering Committee will be appointed for the Festival, which will be comprised of the following Officers:


7.1.1       Representatives of the Municipality, who will be appointed as decided by the Mayor.


7.1.2       Representatives of the Ministries related to the budgeting of the Akko Festival – one representative from each Ministry. Will function as observers.


7.1.3       Artist representatives appointed by SHAHAM, The Israel Theater-Directors Guild and EVE – no more than six.


7.1.4       Public representatives as recommended by the chairperson of the Steering Committee – no more than two.


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7.2       The Mayor will serve as the chairperson of the Steering Committee.


7.3       The public representatives will be selected by the acting Steering Committee at the time of selection.


7.4       No person shall serve on the Steering Committee or the Artistic Committee if they also serve on the Steering Committee, the management or management team of another festival, or on the Steering Committee or the management of a competing festival, or as a member of the artistic management/executive board of a theater supported by the Ministry of Culture as a repertoire theater, or on the artistic management/executive board of an acting school, or if there is any concern that a conflict of interests, actual, foreseeable, or potential, exists between their position in the Festival and any other role or occupation they hold.


“Competing Festival” meaning – a festival presenting identical or similar content, or a festival also held during Hol HaMoed Sukkot.


8.      The members of the Steering Committee will act at all times and during the entire term of their service on the Steering Committee to promote, empower and highlight the Festival while maintaining the determined budget and freedom of speech. To achieve this, each member will harness all their experience and expertise in favor of promoting the Festival and its goals.


9.      The Steering Committee will approve the Festival's budget. The Festival shall be produced and operate within the budget framework, as approved by the Steering Committe


10.   The Steering Committee may appoint limited teams to discuss issues that fall within the powers of the Steering Committee to examine data and form recommendations for the Steering Committee.


11.   The Steering Committee will appoint a Committee to select an artistic director, which will be comprised of 6 members, 3 artist representatives from those representatives who are members of the Steering Committee, the Municipality CEO, The Festival Director and the Festival Legal Counsel (the Committee will publish a call for proposals for an artistic director).


The artistic director will serve no more than three consecutive years.


Any person who managed a parallel festival in the year prior to the relevant Festival will not be appointed as artistic director.


12.   The legal quorum for holding Steering Committee meetings will be no less than 7 members.


13.   The decisions of the Steering Committee will be made by a majority of the members present at the relevant committee meeting. Any impediment affecting any of the Steering Committee members will not form any grounds for revoking any decision made.


14.   The selection committee will appoint the artistic director of the Festival and the manager of the Festival’s street show events.


15.   The Chairperson of the Steering Committee will appoint the Festival Director, who will, in turn, appoint its production team.


16.   The artistic director will select the members of the Artistic Committee and will have the power to select all the artistic content for the Festival. It will be clarified that the artistic director is not allowed to contact any artists other than through the call for proposals.


17.   The artistic director will ensure that the artistic program includes various contents and artforms and will actively seek to expand and enrich the limits of the artistic work as expected from a fringe theater festival.


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18.   The artistic director and Festival Director, in coordination with the artistic committee, will appoint a jury for the competition frameworks.


19.   The artistic director and the artistic committee, after having discussed the matter with the Municipality CEO and the Legal Counsel and Festival Director, will approve the artistic program (in their decision, they will take special care to abide by the legal prohibition on inciting violence and/or terrorism) and to ensure a wide variety of content.


20.   The artistic program will be presented to the Steering Committee no later than three months before the opening of the Festival.


21.   Any group, individual or entity participating in the Festival will undertake to follow the guidelines and instructions issued by the Festival Director, and in artistic matters, in accordance with the guidelines and instructions issued by the artistic director, as a condition for their participation in the Festival.


22.   The artistic director may, at any time, deem a certain production unworthy of being included in the Festival, despite it having received their approval earlier, and even after it received the approval of the Steering Committee, all in a reasoned manner and after listening to the response of the artist.


Competition Shows


23.   The Festival will include an annual competition between original plays, which have yet to be shown on any other stage or in any other forum.


24.   Groups, individuals or teams which have organized specifically for the Festival, who are residents of Israel, are not supported or subsidized by the Ministry of Culture, and who wish to present an original play as part of the competition, may submit their application to the competition.


The artistic director, with the approval of the Steering Committee, may approve participation in the competition also to a group that does not  meet the aforementioned criteria, for special reasons which will be detailed in the decision made by the Steering Committee.


25.   Each year, the Festival will publish a newspaper ad to invite artists, playwrights and others to submit proposals for new productions in accordance with the guidelines determined from time to time by the artistic director of the Festival, and which will be detailed in the ad.


The language and time of publication will be approved by the Festival Director and the Legal Counsel of the Festival before the actual publication is made.


26.   The Artistic Committee will help the artistic director select the most suitable proposals to be included as competition shows in the Festival out of all of the proposals received.


27.   The number of productions intended to take part in the Festival competition will be no less than 5.


28.   When selecting the shows which will participate in the competition, the considerations made will include, inter alia, the quality of the show, its originality, innovation and suitability to the framework of fringe theater, its suitability to be included as a show in the Festival and its suitability to the venues available for the presentation of shows.


Furthermore, the decisions made concerning the number of shows participating will be subject to the Festival budget, as approved for the relevant year by the Steering Committee.


29.   Any show participating in the competition will receive a “Production Grant.” The amount of the grant will be determined separately for each individual show in coordination with the Festival Director, producer, and artistic director will include all the production elements and based upon the number of participants in the show, and on other considerations which will be determined in advance for that year of activity.


       The Production Grant provided by the Festival will include payment to the creators and participants, which will be no less than the minimum rate determined in the SHAHAM and the Israel Directors Guild Agreements, as will be updated from time to time.


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30.   The Production Grant will be final, and the team will be responsible for using it only for the needs of the production.


31.   The ownership of the sets, props, costumes and anything else purchased for the show by the creator will remain in the hands of the creator, who will be allowed to use them as an owner after the end of the Festival, including to use them in order to continue running the show.


32.   A monetary prize or prizes will be granted to the productions participating in the competition, based on the recommendation of the jury. The jury may divide the monetary prize between several productions and between several subjects. The amount dedicated for prizes will be determined by the Steering Committee as part of the budget of the Festival.


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