Hai Tarbut

Cultural encounters (workshops) between artists and residents

2021 Akko Festival

OMETZ - an action committee of artists and creators in the public sphere, in collaboration with the Rahat Alyammama Theater, proudly presents an initiative dedicated entirely to bringing people, culture and people's cultures - closer together...

The Akko Fringe Theater Festival has always been been a stage, indoor theater and outdoor space for a physical, personal and artistic encounter between culture and ideas, dedicated to bringing the cultures and religions living here closer together.

The challenging period we are all experiencing due to the pandemic, as a country, a society and as individuals, regardless of race, ethnicity, religion and nationality; Struggling with Social Distancing; The internal social crisis, which erupted in May this year, affected the whole country but felt especially in mixed cities in general, and Akko in particular, manifesting itself as an outburst of uncontrolled violence on both sides, eliminating any chance for healthy discourse and communication... ;

All of the above led to this special venture, which we believe is most needed, of cultural encounters rather than violent ones.



Hai Tarbut

3 encounters of Jewish and Arab artists, who are going to the very locations that experienced the most violent outbursts, bringing a gift of culture with them...

We believe that these performing art workshops can bring local residents and visitors closer, under the experienced and professional guidance of the best artists and hosts in the proposed artistic fields. The unmediated and informal encounter can bring people, who never before experienced these exciting art forms, closer to art. From an artistic, ideological perspective, we, as a group of cultural entrepreneurs and creators, believe that creating, sharing creation and supporting other artists, whether professionals or not, plays a significant role in any artistic existence, especially in such periods like we experienced recently, when theater, with its many varied types, should function as means for healing society, and contributing to its co-existence.

These are the encounters and the hosting artists:

Hosts: Ilan Popko, Kaed Abu Lattif * Impro Aleikum

Host: Lissa Jakobson This is How the Story Starts*

Awattef Kdura and Ibrahim Dasukki* Hosting: Habib Dell'arte


The sessions will be in Hebrew and in Arabic.

Each session's duration would be 3 hours, including a break

Mixed face-to-face encounters promoting co-existence and bringing people together through culture and cultural discourse.


Project management: Dudi Dosh Barashi & Gili Bachar | Artistic director: Ilan Popko

Production: The Akko Festival

About the Workshops

This is How the Story Starts

A theatrical human encounter in a public space

How can I tell one small story from the many that make up my life?

How can I tell stories as a theatrical storyteller?

To what extent does the story I choose manipulates my emotions, and What change can be made in the manner I tell the story...

An experiential workshop using the tools of physical theater and focus

Participants are asked to bring with them 3 photos from their childhood, which can be any photo they choose to share.

Session host: Lissa Jakobson

Session duration: 3 hours, including a break

Session location: Beit Elfrasha Old Akko

Session date: 23/09 17:00


Impro Aleikum

What happens when a Bedouin and a Ukrainian meet each other and everything around them and make contact with everything and everyone!

The two impro artists hosting a cultural encounter based on the creative experience the audience actively engages in, when there is only one way to go - having fun, being active and coming together.

In this session, the audience will participate in comic situations and will play a central role in everything happening on stage!

A unique cultural encounter tailored to the audience.

Special requirements: sitting facing the stage, a good mood, an open mind and a big smile.

Hosts: Ilan Popko, Kaed Abu Latif.


The artistic directors of Alyammama Theater


Session duration: 3 hours, including a break

Session location: Akotika Hotel

Date: 22/09 Time: 18:00


Habibi Dell'arte

Masks and body language


Masks and movement workshop, skipping between the classic figures of the Comedia dell Arte - originally, an Italian comedy based on improvisation, creativity, body language, and especially mask work.


Hosts: Awattef Kadura and Ibrahim Dasukki


Session duration: 3 hours, including a break

Session location: Beit HaYasmin

Date: 23/09 Time: 18:00


A cultural encounter for the whole family (parents and children)