Show duration: 35 min.

An intimate solo piece providing a peek into the life of "Badada" - a woman living alone in her small apartment, with no contact with the outside world. Out of this existence, she forges a relationship with her home itself and the objects in it, nurturing and feeding off an inner world filled with angst and imagination.

A show without words

Creator and actress | Shay Persil

Set design | Itamar Mandes Flohr

Set constrution | Itamar Mandes Flohr, Shimri Hagai, Jeremy Rabone

Puppet and prop design | Shay Persil

Music | is it any wonder?  | Durand jones and the indication 

Artistic advisor | Ariel Doron

Special thanks | HABAIT Theater, Mirit Ben Israel, Adva Weinstein, Meital Raz, Ruth Hof

The show was created with the assistance of the Independant Artist Fund and erlangen international 


 Hall - Diwan

20.9 Monday | Pre-premier 13:00
      21.9 Tuesday | 21:30
      22.9 Wednesday |Morning show 12:00 | Afternoon show 16:00 | Evening show 20:00
      23.9 Thursday | Morning show 12:00 | Evening show 20:00