Unconference - Performing Arts and Technology

The integration of technology with performing arts - A gathering of artists, creators and technology persons.


An unconference is a unique event where the organizers' agenda is not determined in advance but created in real-time by the participants themselves.


The "whiteboard" is at the heart of the unconference. You see a whiteboard waiting for you at the entrance when you first arrive, specifying rooms and time slots. Each participant interested in speaking, facilitating an activity, leading a game or a discussion, presenting a demonstration or planning any other creative session, may write their names in the appropriate slot to reserve a room for themselves. This is how the agenda slowly forms. Participants may move between the different activities, hear the various speakers, or participate in relevant discussions. This unusual and fascinating concept offers an opportunity to listen to new ideas and enjoy surprising collaborations that would not be possible at a standard conference. The unconference is designed for professionals in the creative and technological fields.


Format imported by: Dr. Yossi Vardi: entrepreneur and investor in the fields of Hi-Tech and education.

Activity coordinator - Dr. Lior Zalmanson: Artist, researcher and lecturer in the field of digital culture.

The event will be held between 10:00 and 15:00

Location - Akko Youth Hostel

22.9 Wednesday