Gdolot U-Netzurot - A journey-play in one location

Why have you come today? Why now?

Are you exposed to noise?"

A year of lockdowns, quarantines and the constant assault of the cacophony surrounding us has led us to explore different articulations of the human experience under siege. By looking at literary expressions, testimonies and current historical documentation, the play examines the limits of the performance and practice of the blockade. Who is really closing in on us? Who will come to open the door? Maybe we will succeed in breaking through the imagined city, whose walls cannot be seen. Maybe we'll hear the voice breaking through from the besieged soul.

"...He spoke with me and said, "Go, shut yourself inside your house. And you, son of man, they will tie with ropes, and you will be bound so that you cannot go out among the people...."(Ezekiel 3:24,25)

Show duration: 75 min.

Written by | Bosmat Hazan and Moshe Waldman

Directed By | Bosmat Hazan

Creating actors | Yehonatan Boteah, Rinat Banai, Yali Weiss, Omer MEiri, Galit Tzabari, Ilan Farber

Hearing test | Amihai Philosoph

Costume and stage design | Adiel Ariel

Dramaturgy | Shlomit Cohen-Sakli

Choreography | Shany Goren-Dahan

Music and sound | Moshe Waldman

Lighting | Judy Kupperman

Production | Romi Ginzburg

Show director | Teffet Lavie

Hall - Knights C

 20.9 Monday | Pre-premiere 13:00
 21.9 Tuesday | 21:30
      22.9 Wednesday | Morning show 12:00 | Afternoon show 16:00 | Evening show 20:30
      23.9 Thursday | Morning show 11:30 | Afternoon show 16:00 | Evening show 20:00
      24.9 Friday | Morning show 09:30