Kroy: Beyond what is and isn't

Show duration - 70 min

The remarkable life of Dr. Moshe Kroy - philosopher, mystic and prophet of destruction, both genius and insane, who rose to prominence in the 1970s and died mysteriously in the late 1980s - has been a relentless, powerful and dangerous search for truth, meaning and GOD. The play combines philosophy with biographic drama, slapstick, live music, witchcraft and guided imagery exercises.


To those very few who will recognize me while I am still alive - who realize who I really am - I make one special promise. I will keep in touch. They will meet me in their dreams, in their visions, in extraordinary telepathic experiences. Some of them may even see me almost in my physical form as if I were still alive.


Play (based on texts written by Dr. Kroy and on interviews with the media) | Yonathan Levi and Noam Rubinstein.

Creators | Noam Rubinstein, Oded Hirsch, Yonathan Levi

Participants | Neta Zeid, Avner Hannani, Yonathan Levi, Noam Rubinstein

Play | Yonathan Levi and Noam Rubinstein

Music | Avner Hannani

Magic | Liam Levanon

Lighting Design | Baruch Spiegelman

Space Design | Oded Hirsch

Costume design | Keren Peretz

Production | Shirli Marom

Lighting operator | Tom Bashan

Sound operator | Tamuz Edelstein

Special Thank you | Ehud Marom, Pninit Etrog, The Old Akko Youth Center team

Hall - Old Akko Cultural Center

20.9 Monday | Pre-premier 11:00

21.9 Tuesday | 20:00
22.9 Wednesday | Morning show 10:00 | Afternoon show 16:00 | Evening show 19:00
23.9 Thursday | Morning show 11:00 | Afternoon show 16:00 | Evening show 21:00
24.9 Friday | Morning show 10:30