A portrait of the creative artist, in the digital work of the legendary David Maayan.


"I am a boat, thought to itself the Akko lighthouse, and went on a voyage in its consciousness" - David Maayan hosts a group of artists which convenes through Zoom to embark on a mental journey of practice and artistic creation, appropriate to our current tumultuous lives.


When the ship of our experience anchors at its homeport, we will present our thoughts about the journey through various means, combining all the materials of the journey with present occurrences to create one piece. In one energetic motion.


Facilitator and concept creator: David Maayan

Artistic director: Smadar Yaaron

Acting manager: Ran Ben Dror


Participants: Iris Avraham, Esther Shanni, Dafna Afek Shanni, Hadi Khalil, Haddas Fedder, Yoseffa Bat Gad, Miri Yariv, Noam Shemesh, Anat Shreiber, Ran Ben Dror, Shira Sharf Halbani, Sharon Burstein.


Studio Hall

23.9 Thursday - 16:00-2:00