Sitting in a room

A performative experiment dealing with the complex relationship people have with technology. The work examines the forces at play within this relationship; How do we navigate between the benefits of giving in entirely to technological systems versus the visible and hidden costs involved in this complete devotion; Where does intimate human instrumentality, and our body, stand in a reality where our social interactions are becoming more and more mediated.

In the show, participants will meet AVA - an AI service attempting to better understand them, to be able to help them. The encounter with AVA takes place in joint virtual space and offers a new understanding of the perception of presence, space and body.

The show was developed as part of Daniel Landdau's Ph.D. studies at the University of Helsinki. After providing their informed consent and protecting their privacy, the audience takes part in a behavioral experiment that will be adapted into an academic study by Daniel and the research team.

Show duration: 55 minutes

Creators: Daniel Landau with Alon Epstein and Michal Hoffenheim

Artistic guidance and composer: Michal Heffenheim

Text: Alon Epstein

Participants: Michal Hoffenheim, Alma Goldschmidt, Paul Mimran and Daniel Landau

Performative consultatn: Nir Shauloff

Academic advisor: Prof. Doron Friedman, Dr. Beatrice Hasler

Motion sample artist: Shira Shodron (Movement in Capture)

Motion sample actors: Efrat Aviv, Ben Perri

Producer: Paul Mimran

Participants in this show must sign an informed consent form.

All their information will remain anonymous.

The audience uses VR glasses.

The show was approved by the Ethics Committee of the Interdisciplinary Center in Herzliya.

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20.9 Monday | Pre-premier 11:00
21.9 Tuesday | 20:00
22.9 Wednesday | Morning show 10:00 | 12:00 | Afternoon show 14:00 | 16:00 Eveningshow 19:00
23.9 Thursday | Morning show 10:00 | 12:00 | Afternoon show 14:00 | 16:00 Evening show 19:00
24.9 Friday | Morning show 11:00