A consensual homicide

Show duration 60 min.

"A consensual homicide," a poem by Iris  Eliyah Cohen, was written following the murder of  Esti Aharonovich OBM. The poem deals with violence against women, culminating in murder.

The show also combines monologues written in the Center for the Prevention of Domestic Violence. The texts remind us that gender-based violence crosses identity borders, is related to the balance of powers, social norms and threatens the liberty and freedom of us all!

"After my death, just say this

There once was a woman,

And look - 

Now she is but


After my death,

be silent no more

Go out and raise a shout,

Lest my death be a habit.

Poem by | Iris Eliyah Cohen

Monologues by | Tehila Azulai Shaul

Director and dramaturgy | Hanna Vazana-Greenwald

Actresses | Tehila Azulai Shaul, Selli Arkadash, Zita Yanudiyeva Zinger, Racheli Pinchas

Costume and set design | Frieda Shoham

Music | Didi Erez

Choreography | Elik Niv

Lighting design | Matan Prerminger

Producer | Avital Michelle Meir

Assistant director | Noa Ben-Ari

Lighting and sound operator | Mor Hassan

Special thanks | EVE, Jaffa Theater, Avi Gibson Bar-El

Hall - Refactory B

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