In the Days of the Crown

Show duration: 80 min.

"In the Days of the Crown" is a performative portrait that crashed upon encountering time, shattered in the prism of a pandemic and erupted through 7 women in different decades of their lives.

The viewer is invited to navigate through a tapestry of Video and Sound Testimonies and examine our times' pulse and transformative markings. This is an attempt to leave a monument celebrating the voice of Femininity in our times. Femininity trying, despite everything, to see the crisis as an opportunity for growth and examine the points where life touches upon the artistic creation in a time of change.

"Maybe this time I'll stay a little longer

Maybe this time I will not dive

I will not dive again

I'll hold my head above the water..."

("Above the Water" Zohar Meidan)

Created by | Lilach Dekel-Avneri and the Pathos Mathos Group

Creating performers and writing collaborators | Efrat Arnon, Shaked Zehavi, Lilian Ruth Heilovski, Zohar Meidan, Alit Kreiss, Ora Shulman

Live music performer | Catherine Lesko

Text and sound Dramaturgy | Sharon Gabai

Space, art and costume design | Tel Weiss

Lighting design | Oded Kommemi

Artistic consultant | Madam Eitan Buganim

Video photography and sound consultant | Elad Dadon, Studio Sessions

Producer and assistant director | Meirav Lachman

The show uses segments from the following songs:

Chad Gadia: Chava Alberstein

Pink Floyd: Comfortably Numb

Simon & Garfunkel: The Sound of Silence

Original song written and performed by Zohar Meidan

Texts from | "MiPo LeSham Kvar Nihya Meuchar" Limor Kesef

Special thanks: Maya Arad Yasur, Carmit Halak, Maya Porat, Noam Meidan, Reut Shayba, Sivan Bar Nir

And a very special thank you to all the magnificent women who inspired this piece

Hall - Grand Munir

 20.9 Monday | Pre-premier 12:30
      21.9 Tuesday | 21:30
      22.9 Wednesday | Morning show 12:00 | Afternoon show 16:00 | Evening show 20:30
      23.9 Thursday | Morning show 10:00 | Afternoon show 13:00 | Evening show 20:30
      24.9 Friday | Morning show 09:30