Whos should I bow to

Show duration - 60 min.

Five actors are searching for an answer to the age-old question: why do we need laws so much, and does a universal sense of morality really exist? Through a sequence of fragments, taken from different moments in literature, history and philosophy, they meet the tyrant, the insubordinate, the legislature and the obedient, trying to choose the right thing to do.

The show was inspired by these texts:

Civil Disobedience - Henry David Thoreau

Eichman in Jerusalem - Hannah Arendt

Alice in Wonderland - Lewis Carroll

Crito - Plato

The Rebel - Albert Camus

The Brothers Karamazov - F. M. Dostoevsky

The Good Person of Szechwan - Bertolt Brecht

Theologico-Political Treatise - Baruch Spinoza

Stories of Mr. Keuner - Bertolt Brecht

The Eyes of the Eternal Brother - Stefan Zweig

Various interviews with Rosa Parks, Yeshayahu Leibowitz and Edward Snowden.

Director and concept | Ilil Lev Cnaan

Collaborating creators | Yair Segal and Noa Zommer Cohen

Creating actors | Gal Greenberg, Ari Cohen, Naama Manor, Arnon Rosenthal and Revital Tamir.

Space and costume design | Noa Zommer Cohen

Lighting design | Yair Segal

Producer | Yuval Maoz


Hall - The beautiful hall

20.9 Monday | Pre-premier 14:30
     21.9 Tuesday | 20:00
     22.9 Wednesday | Morning show 10:00 | Afternoon show 14:00 | Evening show 18:30
     23.9 Thursday | Morning show 11:30 | Afternoon show 16:00 | Evening show 19:00
     24.9 Friday | Morning show 11:00