A standing show

Welcome to the chaos party of TOYZZZZZZZZ! Live music and dance experience in a Dionysia of plastic, motion and a celebration of emotion.

In a joint metamorphosis, Igor Krutogolov's Toy Orchestra and nine performing dancers will turn pain to catharsis, sadness to power and life and plastic to music.

The audience is invited to participate in the celebration, remember the strength of childhood and the power of adulthood, feel, communicate, and play to transcend social dictations.

Materialism, capitalism and pop culture become the raw materials of a game, which we use to refer to a primary, carnal humanity, with everything it can bring to ligh,t in any situation.

Maybe this will help us create a new culture, even if only for a short while.

Show duration: 60 min.

Creator, director, choreographer: Or Marin

Collaborative creator and composer | Igor Krutoglov

Musicians in the Toy Orchestra | Igor Krutoglov, Roy Chen, Victor Levin, Amir Boxbaum, Naomi Rozin, Yam Umi, Neil Kalman, Michai Charnea.

Dancers | Ronnie Ben Hammo, Meitar Arieli, Noy hever, Ella Pollak, Yarden Halfi, Jonathan Bukstein, Tomer Giat, Heillel Ben Tzvi

Space designer | Zohar Shoef

Lighting designer | Amir Castro

Costume designer | Reut Shayba

Producer | Talilla Rodin

Rehersal and show manager | Tomer Giat


Hall - Refectory A

 20.9 Monday | Pre-premier 11:00
      21.9 Tuesday| 22:00
      22.9 Wednesday| Afternoon show 14:00 | Evening show 18:30 | Evening show 22:00
      23.9 Thursday| Morning show 11:30 | Afternoon show 14:00 | Evening show 22:00
      24.9 Friday | Morning show 11:00