Special Grater Evening

A tribute to Yossi Mar Chaim

A unique collaboration between the Musrara School of Arts and Society in Jerusalem and the Akko Festival.

Celebrating his 80th birthday, this is a tribute to one of the most original and groundbreaking musicians to have worked in Israel.

A mix of sounds, images, instruments and tools from all periods coming together to tell the story of Yossi Mar Chaim. His personality and activities mark the connection of those things that seemed destined to stay apart: Theater and Cinema, Television and Dance, Rock-Operas alongside Rock and Jazz Ensembles, Classical Music together with Display Music, Artistic Displays that are serious and funny at the same time, all these materials comprise the world of Mar Chaim.

Mar Chaim received a Lifetime Achievement Award from ACUM (2003) and numerous prizes and accolades from leading critics and experienced listeners. No one can be indifferent to his work. Students and lecturers from the new Music Department at the Musrara School, where Yossi taught for 17 years, will present, play, build and operate a selection of his pieces and works in the various fields of interest in which he worked and still works.

Director and editor: Maya Buenos

Participants | Yossi Mar Chaim, Gidot Mar Chaim, Shmil Frenkel, Ilan Green, Michal Goldberg, Ayelet Lerman, Rinat Immanuel, Naomi Yoeli, Michal Shachar, Gili Amar, Tamar Balas

Director | Maya Buenos

Music director| Ilan Green

Producer | Dr. Ido Lahav Noy

Technical producer | Ehud Lax

Hall - Gan Bustan Amphitheater

22.9 Wednesay | 20:00