You were missed - A sound installation

Signs with the name of the piece "You were missed" with the artist's phone number were hung all over Tel Aviv during a period of 6 months. This invitation led to phone conversations with different anonymous callers, who were curious to see what they could find at the other end of the line. The installation consists of 8 phone calls out of more than 50 received by the artist, including callers of different ages and genders, with conversations of only a few brief words, to conversations lasting for half an hour.

Creator: Yehonatan Ron

Producer: Nadav Bachar

Mechanism: Kamea Dibun and Itai Eden

Special thanks: The M.F.A. Program at Betzalel.

Location - The Citadel

 Open to the general public every day during the Festival between 15:00 and 22:00