Decadance #21 The Batsheva Dance Group

Show duration: 70 min.

Deacadance is a piece that celebrates our entire repertoire. It's like a game, a playground where we can add or subtract different sections of our past works, looking at them from different perspectives. The thing I like the most is that it allows dancers to offer their own interpretation, filled with sublime moments... Ohad Naharin

The show includes partial nudity

By Ohad Naharin

Performed by Batsheva - the Young group

"...The dancers soar, contract, roll, flick, shake, all with split-second timing in ways rarely seen before... All 18 are phenomenal". (Dominion Post, February 2014)

"Emotional, essential, formidable" (British Theatre Guide)

"A dance performance that will make you laugh" (Tal Levin, Achbar Ha'ir)

Photography: Gadi Dagon | Ascaf

Lighting design: Avi Yona Bueno

Costume Design: Rakefet Levi

Adaptations: Ari Nakamura

Soundtrack editing and design: Maxim Waratt

Text: Maxim Waratt


Hall - Culture Hall

23.9 Thursday | 21:00