Fear and Misery of the Third Reich

At the end of World War I, Germany suffered a military defeat, and following the pressure put on it by the Allies of World War I, its emperor was dethroned and replaced by a new Republic. 


Germany found itself facing immense economic and social difficulties.


In search of new life anchors, the German people are being brainwashed by the new regime, promising them a better future. However, those promises come at a heavy price - the government forces its opinions on the population and dictates a new way of life. Hitler then seizes control and starts eliminating all those who do not believe in his way or oppose it.


The play presents a snapshot of a historical period when opinions were forced on people. There were no limits on what could be done to ensure the public accepted those opinions.


Can one maintain their own inner truth, their "spine," when their surrounding environment is aggressively trying to change it / the inner truth?

Ge'on HaYarden School Darca - Emek HaMa'ayanot

Director and instructor: Oshrit Raz Hanin

The creators and actors:

Shirel Aviv, Yuval Danon, Almod Betzer, Einav Wagner, Aviel Cohen, Rotem Larry, Shira Sadeh

The Sadot SheBa'Emek Group musical director: Haim Esner

Location - Beit Yad LeBanim

22.9 Wednesday | 15:00 | 17:00 | 19:00