Someone like me


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The question that formed the foundation for analysis and creation of this adaptation was: What does it mean to be normal?

Four teenagers are admitted to the Orot Mental Health Center. They sleep together, eat together and create a play together, focusing on the soul, of course. "Someone like me" provides a sneak peek into the closed ward, the lives of these four teenagers and their story, which is really the story of us all. They ARE us, just at a different level of excitement.

"Someone like me" is for all those who have a soul. It involves the healing powers of the theater with the hope of elevating the level of compassion, which always seems to decline.

Actors and creators:

The students of the theater track at the Sulam Tzur High School in Kibbutz Gesher HaZiv

Instructor: Revital Levin Malka

Director: Sivan Menashe (Barak)

Producer: Aviel Gorlik (Batsheva)

Dramaturgy: Lee Kipperwasser (Alma)

Sound design: Adiel Schwartz (Dr. Yoresh)

Costume design: Nof Yitzhaki (Immanuela)

Motion design: Lilach Girsch (Naama)

Special thanks: Ms. Anna Weiss, the school principal, Ms. Chaya Partag-Levi, manager of HaTapuach Payis, the 12th-grade homeroom teachers and students' parents. Special thanks also to artists Ronnie Ben Tov and Binyamin Esterliss, who helped with the production and the creative process.

Location - Beit Yad LeBanim

23.9 Thursday15:00 | 17:00 | 19:00