Take Five

Ruth Aharoni and Liron Kichler are dancers, creative artists and multi-disciplinary performers who dance in groups and projects worldwide.

Their meeting brings them to create a unique motion-based language which they use to explore the power relations existing between music and motion, to see who's operating who, who's dominating who, and which one needs the other.

The show is accompanied by the musician Noam Sparber who creates lively, kicking music on stage using electronic beats, samples, sounds made by the dancers, and noises of the crowd on the street - all come together to create the unique and singular soundtrack accompanying each individual show.

The audience is invited to take an active part in creating the show's soundtrack.

Costumes: Eden Kichler

Performers: Liron Kichler, Ruth Aharoni and Noam Sparber

Show creators: Liron Kichler and Ruth Aharoni

Music: Noam Sparber