Sisi and Sima

Sisi and Sima, Siamese twins, were born in a circus and have always dreamt of separating from one another... 

They present their Utopian story over and over again through a puppet theater hidden within them.


The classic circus figures are enchantingly represented through puppets and objects taken from the twins' murky world. Their story is intertwined through big and small dance moments and riveting dialogue with the audience.


Sisi and Sima were inspired by the freak shows, which were common in the early days of the circus, in the mid 16th century, and by current Middle Eastern influences.


Can those mongrels, who lived on the margins of society in their own time, become stars in our accessible, politicly correct world?


A collaborative creation by: Nahat Shalom and Yasmin Walk

Director: Lee Nahat Shalom

Stage and costume design: Yasmin Walk

Performers: Lee Nahat Shalom and Tamara Kowalski

Puppet design: Ruth Philosoph

Soundtrack: Daniel Kahan Bavensi

Photograph credit: Yifay Gabai