Hymns from the Red Hymnal - Premier

A visuall choir performance of song, movement, sound and object work.

A women's choir gradually materializes. Body organs, costumes and choir props possess a life of their own and lead the action. Images and masks, segments of poetry and text, pilgrim songs from the middle ages and women songs from different cultures and languages all come out of the hymnal.

The figures and objects constantly roll around, metamorphosing in the hymns and in the circles of life.

In a tense and delicate movement between ancient rites and an imaginary game, a new ritual is created in space.

Director, musical director and designer | Meirav Ben David Harel

Performers | Meirav Ben David Harel, Batsheva Mendlebaum, Tair Levin, MArtina Weiss, Adi Horesh, Anava Karpal-Oz

Costume design | Adi Lagziel

Lighting design | Assaf Frid

Producer | Batsheva Mendlebaum

Artistic guidance and stage consultant | Ruth Hof

Special thanks | HaZira Multidisciplinary Theater, School of Visual Theater, Beit HaGat Association

Hall - Knights A

20.9 Monday | Pre-premier 11:00
      21.9 Tuesday | 20:00
      22.9 Wednesday | Afternoon show 14:00 | Evening showערב 18:00
      23.9 Thursday | Afternoon show 14:00 | Evening showערב 18:00