5 Living Statues

Sisyphus 2020

Creator and performer: Rotem Nahmani

Installation design: Sophia Trotush Andersen

Photography credit: Ilan Zacharov

A repetitive installation drawing inspiration from the essay The Myth of Sisyphus, written by Albert Camus.

Camus uses the story of Sisyphus, sentenced to a life of endless circular torment, as a metaphor for the lives of all the people whose life is trapped in a boring routine.


The connection to our lives in the real world during the COVID pandemic lies in our growing knowledge that the fate of the country is to end in ruins, and our lives are becoming meaningless. In this case, are we the absurd heroes? If we look at rebellion, liberty and lust within this reality - we will be able to find meaning, which could lead to awakening and to us taking responsibility for our fate.


There are several perspectives through which one can observe this installation, a glimpse of hope or a terrible pessimism.


It is all in the eyes of the beholder.


Actor: Tze'ela Weiss

Costume design and execution: Orgad Edri

The Photographer

Actor: Sigal Hirs

Costume design and execution: Michelle Tam and Anna Kogen

Electricity in the air

In one sudden moment, electricity starts flowing through Berta's hands, and she has been passing it on ever since, adding electric energy to the busy street.

Designer: Odelia Liberman

Performer: Sharon Weissbart

Photography: Uri Liberman


Statue creator: Anabelle Parletta