Powerful and moving Japanese Zen drumming on giant Taiko drums, accompanied by a traditional Japanese flute, combined with an inspirational true personal story about a journey following the Taiko drums to faraway places in the orient, in an attempt to learn the art straight from the source.

Energetic music is expressed in powerful, precise motions that create a live sound bursting out of the enormous instruments - a performance that penetrates the heart and stimulates the most primitive parts of the human psyche.

The musicians play original meditative works in perfect synchronization, perform segments in exceptional drumming motions - challenging the limits of physical abilities and forming an emotional and mind-altering connection with the audience.

The Taiko drums' great power is also expressed in the big group of musicians playing together - joining the show are students from the Taiko Life Israel Academy, creating a Tsunami of frequencies, sweeping through the body in a powerful ceremony which we all participate in.

Group founder: Nitai Zelniker

Photography: Taisia Eltsina

Poster design: Einat Chitayat

Performers: Nitai Zelniker, Maho Sato, Einat Chitayat, Orit Zelniker, Miho Kataoka - with the students of the Taiko Life Israel Academy.